You operate in a premium market ensuring that your client's yachts are always available. Security is top of your list of priorities. However, the near infinite flow of information makes it increasingly difficult to stay fully informed about maritime security issues, particularly in environments with uncertain security outlooks.

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Our Global Security Summary will provide you and your clients with a regular security analysis product, tailored to the counties and regions they visit, and which address your need for regional security profiles, while providing security officers and yacht masters with security decision tools. 

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Human analytical power goes into every one of our security assessments and our comprehensive risk analysis provides you with the current threats to maritime security and recommendations to operate in as safe as possible a manner, while keeping your clients and vessel safety priorities firmly in sight. 


What is included in the Global Security Summary? 

Your monthly report provides a comprehensive overview of regional maritime security themes, country specific security information, and user friendly and easy to follow risk ratings and recommendations.   

  • Grasp the context easily using regional overviews and summaries of relevant events within the reporting period 
  • Country specific maritime and ashore risk ratings   
  • Clear and actionable maritime and ashore security recommendations  
  • Breakout threats by category including Covid-19 biosecurity guidance 

Currently, our Global Security Summary covers 35 counties across 7 maritime regions, including the Caribbean, East Africa, Indian Subcontinent, Mediterranean, Middle East, South America, and South-East Asia.  

The Dryad Global Difference  

Our bespoke and easily digestible security products are created by highly experienced analysts, all of whom have extensive industry-specific intelligence knowledge. Each of our products is produced via our industry leading Dryad Global Proprietary Intelligence Cycle, which is forged by combining the best practices in the intelligence and commercial sectors and delivered by a team that cut their teeth in the real world. 


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How does it work? 

Step 1 

Contact one of our analysts to establish the regions that you need regular reporting about.  

Step 2 

We monitor the regions and countries and provide you with a monthly summary report.  

Step 3  

We want our products to always fit your evolving needs –periodic reviews with one of our analytical team ensures that our services are always relevant to your requirements. 

Our Global Security Summary was developed with our partner yacht management clients to provide a regular security analysis for their designate countries and regions; providing security officers and yacht master's with security decision tools.

Monthly reporting not enough?

Some of our yacht clients need more regular security information and rely on our online security portal ATLAS INFORM  Speak to our team to learn more.


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Global Security Summary 

Our Global Security Summary addresses your need for understanding regional security profiles wherever your voyages may take you. The detailed risk analysis provides you with the context, current threats to maritime security, and recommendations to operate in as safe as possible manner while keeping your client and vessel safety priorities firmly in sight.


Human analytical power goes into every one of our assessments looking into the specific threat profile to your people and assets. Crucially, it is our understanding of the current themes that provides you with the forward looking risk outlook.  

Transit Risk - Learn More

When operating throughout regions, with often complex security dynamics, Dryad Global strongly recommend the use of a bespoke Transit Risk Assessment. The Safety of Life at Sea for all crew members and the protection of assets takes absolute priority. It is for that reason Dryad Global offers clients an industry leading Risk Assessment service operated by real people contactable 24/7. 

We at Dryad Global offer our clients focused and attentive individual expertise. Whilst we aim to harness the power of risk analysis tools that rely on machine learning and AI, these are a long way off being able to replace the vital human expertise that underpins our analytical output. 

Your Global Security Summary 

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What is Included in the Global Security Summary?

Your monthly report provides a comprehensive overview of regional maritime themes and country specific security information. The user friendly overall risk rating is backed by detailed research, expert analysis and recommendations which include:

  • Grasp the context easily. Regional Overview narrative with context and summary of reportable events    


  • Specific reports based on the metrics that matter. Country specific maritime risk ratings  


  • What your Master needs to know. Clear and simple country narratives and recommendations   


  • Breakout of threats by category including:
  • Current CVD19 restrictions
  • Risk at Sea
  • Risk Ashore


Examples of countries covered by our Global Security Summary:  

Caribbean Bermuda, Panama, Canal Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, 
St Maarten and St Barthélemy, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, 
Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda

East Africa Tanzania ,Kenya, Djibouti

Indian Subcontinent Sri Lanka, India, Maldives

Mediterranean Turkey, Greece, Suez Canal 

North Africa Libya, Algeria, Morocco

Middle East Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Israel

South America Colombia & Venezuela

Southeast Asia Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand

West Africa Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, & Nigeria

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The Dryad Global Difference 

Real people, real experience, no automation (actually, there is a lot of automation, you'd expect that of a business like ours, but we don't make you feel like you are stuck in a process). 

Our bespoke analysis is put together by a highly experienced team of analysts; each of whom have extensive industry-specific intelligence experience and unparalleled contextual knowledge. 


The Dryad Global Proprietary Intelligence Cycle was forged by combining the best practices in the intelligence and commercial sectors; brought to you by a team that cut their teeth in the real world.


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Need more than just the Global Security Circular? 24/7 online access to our security portal ATLAS INFORM and full suite of support options are available. 

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