Risk - Reporting - Assessment

TRITON SCOUT is our family BMP5 and ISGOTT6 compliant reports and assessments that provide our clients with premium content, risk reporting, analysis and recommendations in the main risk areas in the world.

Risk Reporting

Headed by the Libya Weekly Report, the TRITON SCOUT reports are designed to give clear guidance on events, themes and recommendations giving our clients the situational awareness of risk regions without overload. Respond, don’t react and stay ahead of building situations and tailor your operations accordingly

TS Libya
TS West Africa
Libya Weekly Intelligence Digest -front cover


Weekly security report on Libyan port access and infrastructure security.   A detailed document focussed on a volatile trading destination 

WAf Weekly Intel Digest -front cover

West Africa 

Without doubt the largest security threat to seafarers is found in this region. Complex multi-national influences drive crime and kidnapping remains rife.

IO Weekly Intelligence Digest -front cover

Indian Ocean 

Piracy is no longer the main threat and this report covers the geo-political interplays and consequences to shipping such as in the Straits of Hormuz.

Risk Assessment

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Port Risk Assessment

Detailed threat analysis and recommendations for access, trade or crew transfer decision.  Covers the port environs and immediate waters.


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Transit Risk Assessment

Voyage specific transit risk assessments providing up to minute maritime threat analysis and recommendations for voyage planning and due diligence.